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Ruth's book 'Hoof, Hide & Heart' is a series of articles written for 'The Artist' Magazine. Chapters cover: Proportion; Drawing and painting eyes; Facial features and expressions, Lower limbs and feet, Animals in motion; Observational drawing and working from photographs; Developing a composition, Colour; Painting coat patterns, Drawing and painting fur texture; with an additional chapter 'How to Draw the Horse' (10 different approaches); extra information and exercises that were cut from the originally published articles.

Price after publication date of 29th September - £20.

Hoof, Hide & Heart

  • Hoof, Hide and Heart: The Art of Drawing and Painting Animals by Ruth Buchanan.

    52 page A4 softback book.

    Printed in the UK.

    ISBN 978-1-78972-546-9

    Publication date 29th September 2019.

    All enquiries to the author.

    © Ruth Buchanan 2019

    £4 postage added at checkout.

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