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HorseDrawn • Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How do I ask a question?
    You can ask a question using the form on the contact page. We will answer you by email, and if we think that others may be interested in the answer we will add it to the FAQs.
  • Do you sell in shops?
    A few specialist eqestrian shops have some of our products, but in the main, no. We mainly sell at shows and exhibitions or through our website.
  • What is the difference between a Limited and an Open Edition Print?
    In a Limited Edition, each print will be individually numbered and signed by the artist, usually in pencil. The number appears as a fraction eg 10/50. In this case 50 means that there were only, or will only be, 50 printed and the 10 is the unique number of the print. No other reproductions are made of the image, though it may appear on a website, social media, in a magazine or book soley for the marketing of the artist. In an Open Edition, each print is signed by the artist, usually in pencil. The artist may have limited the number of prints made, but the image may be used in other editions, reproduced as a card or in other merchandising. For both Editions, the artist's signature on each print shows that they have checked the quality of the print and the reproduction.
  • Can I buy a mounted or framed print?
    Yes, you can order a mounted (matted) or framed print. At the moment we have not set up the website for this, but you can contact us using the form on the contact page and we can get you a quote and a shipping price.
  • Can I buy one of Ruth's original paintings?
    If a piece is available, it will tell you in the image description, and if available, then the piece is for sale. Ruth also has other paintings available which you can see on her artist website at We post new work on social media so you can follow the links to those pages. If you wantt to know about exhibitions and shows where you can see Ruth's work then please subscribe at HorseDrawn and/or at
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